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Our hair plays a considerable role in our physical appearance. Time adds many things to our life, yet it steals many other things like our hair!! Fortunately, with plastic surgery, it's possible to recover it.

Nowadays hair transplantation is an important progress and a big success. The developed and new techniques permit us to transplant the hair from the back of your head to the bad areas.

Hair implantation is a long and effective operation. We can transfer the hair during 3 to 4 hours approximately in one session.
This Operation FUE (hair transplantation without scars) costs between € 4000-6000 in Belgium, Netherlands and France. In Lebanon it costs between 2000 and 3000 Euros.
You must not wait to lose all your hair.

We transplant hair from the back of your head into entirely empty areas or in less dense areas. This kind of hair is genetically the most resistant to time.

In Lebanon there are a lot of specialized surgeons. Our clinic that is classified as universal apply the methods adapted by European and international bodies such as ESHRS and ISHRS, and is sponsored by Dr. AKRAM Dandache.

Browsing the pages of our site, you will have all the possible information concerning the surgery, the costs, the city and the value added of our team during the follow-up sessions.

Professor Akram Dandache

Professor Akram Niazi Dandache born 15/3/1955 graduated in medicine and surgery in Belgium in 1984 and the European diploma treatment of baldness from the University of Lyon in France.
• University Professor
• Directs the academic center of Paris in Lebanon for the hair transplant.
The first university center approved for hair transplant and managed by a university professor in Lebanon.

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centre universitye paris pour la greffe des cheveaux
CUPGC Beirut is located 8 minutes from the international airport of Beirut. A nursing chip approved by the ministry of health and sanitary standards obéissont the highest and the only center in Lebanon run by a French university professor.

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